Would you like something different from the large, impersonal hotel with strutting waiters and friendly staff but no warmth? Want that homely feeling? The Romulus hotel is the answer you're looking for!
In fact, its warm friendliness never intrudes on privacy, the relaxing atmosphere, the convenience of its location, the peaceful greenery surrounding it, creating a blanket that embraces and warms you and makes it your home to which you return after a long day discovering the Eternal City.

The rooms are spacious and bright, the ceilings high and the colours classic crossing time and cultures, providing solace and rejuvenation for the soul.


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The colour of the Romulus Hotel is silver with experience combined with the vibrant gold of youth in a marriage that for forty years has welcomed and pampered the guest and has become the creator of a timeless hospitality in a building born and designed according to guests’ needs.

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A break from reality

The colour of the Romulus Hotel is the green of the nature that surrounds it, the green of its garden, where the white of the parasols merges with the blue of the sky and with the crystal clear sound of children’s laughter from the games on offer, wonderful at dusk, when the colours of the earth ignite kissed by the sun, a happy end to the day with a moment of pure relaxation.

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